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Tell Congress: Stand Up for American Jobs and Freedom

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Tell Congress: Stand Up for American Jobs and Freedom

President Obama is negotiating one of the largest international agreements in the history of the United States. Known as the Trans-Pacific Partnership, or TPP, this agreement threatens American jobs and surrenders American sovereignty to an international authority.

TPP will hurt American business owners, Americans who work for a living, and our ability to govern ourselves as an independent nation. 

Email your representatives in Congress and urge them to oppose the TransPacific Partnership and stop this unconstitutional threat to U.S. jobs and national sovereignty.

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I'm disgusted with the leadership that i have been subjected to. I'm prepared to fight for a better future than what i will be forced to live through now. For our children's sake make it right.
Say "no" to the Trans-Pacific Partnership. We are allowed to tell them No and keep America the way it is. Vote against this!
Congressman Forbes why are you selling out our country? I urge you to vote this down, protect our state and country....
and save America's sovereignty!
You are my representative because I trusted you to make decisions that were in my best interest. Please do not betray that trust. We, the People, know what is going on in Washington. We are not fools. I urge you not to sell out your fellow Americans by agreeing to the TransPacific Partnership.
We need our jobs back, outsourcing does nothing but create unemployment lines and hurts the economy.
This undermines the nation to strengthen multinationals and corporate politicians.
Do not approve this bill.

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