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Tell Congress: Stand Up for American Jobs and Freedom

President Obama is negotiating one of the largest international agreements in the history of the United States. Known as the Trans-Pacific Partnership, or TPP, this agreement threatens American jobs and surrenders American sovereignty to an international authority.

TPP will hurt American business owners, Americans who work for a living, and our ability to govern ourselves as an independent nation. 

Email your representatives in Congress and urge them to oppose the TransPacific Partnership and stop this unconstitutional threat to U.S. jobs and national sovereignty.

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There seems to be an onslaught on American values and the Constitution of which this is the latest. It's time for our elected representatives to get back to why they were elected and get some integrity and backbone before it's too late for America - the bastion of freedom for not only us - but the world as well. .
Republican, Independent, or Democrat, it doesn't matter. Everyone who works for a living agrees, TPP is a betrayal of our country, and any politician supporting it needs to clearly understand that this time they won't sneak it through.
Business owner
This is the worst jobs killing trad deal and strips America of it's sovereignty! This is not for the working people; it is for big corporate interests. I urge you not to pass this agreement.
Because each country is no longer allowed to encourage or favor domestic industries, government procurement contracts will also be affected by the TPP. Defense contracts, which used to guarantee a certain percentage of domestically made products will be affected. Potentially sensitive technology could end up being transfered to US foes. ( In particular Vietnam, which maintains close military ties to Russia, and economic ties to China
I thought this was America, the way Washington is running this country is a disgrace. STOP THE TPP AT ONCE. Stop being anti-american. Start helping the working man.
STOP the ttp. Vote NO this is against the American Way, the Middle Class and the American Worker.
It's the trade deficit NOT the budget deficit that is killing the middle class. Put people before profits. Corporation's are run by sociopaths and greed is a SIN.
America is being betrayed!
The Poor stabbed in the back- - - -AGAIN!
Trade treason!
Corporate lawyers should not be judging any country or state. Don't give our sovereignty away!
This is a disastrous trade policy that will change our lives for the worse! stop it now!
Stand for AMERICA! Vote no on the TPP
Please vote no on the TPP!
It is hard to believe that the TPP is actually supported by this President. THIS MUST BE STOPPED FROM BECOMING LAW!
I voted for Obama because he campaigned on not doing a trade deal and if he did he will let the AFL-CIO union be at the table he lied. This will effect the American people with major job losses. You are supposed to take care of home first before taking care of someone else.
Why are you further damaging chances for U.S. businesses? Why don't you do something about IRS harassment and encourage small businesses here? The TPP is another piece of the Socialist agenda that we, as hard working, tax paying citizens, will not tolerate.

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