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Tell Congress: Stand Up for American Jobs and Freedom

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Tell Congress: Stand Up for American Jobs and Freedom

President Obama is asking for "Fast Track trade promotion authority" so he can negotiate and sign an international agreement known as the Trans-Pacific Partnership, or TPP, that threatens American jobs and surrenders American sovereignty to international authority.

Fast Track and TPP will hurt American business owners, Americans who work for a living, and even our ability to govern ourselves as an independent nation. 

Email your representatives in Congress and urge them to oppose Fast Track and this unconstitutional threat to U.S. jobs and national sovereignty.

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Return America to the American People!!!
I believe our nation needs to be preserved for years to come. I'm calling on all the politicians in office not to destroy our national sovereignty and liberties.
Follow your sworn oath to uphold the Constitution.
We have made two mistakes (electing him twice!). Don't make another.

Do you really TRUST Zer0bama?
I am a demographic that our president stood on both election platforms for. He has failed me and my loved ones at every juncture. We will not be your socialist experiment. These are our jobs not yours.
The TTP will make everyone poorer and decrease productivity, while bringing forward the totalitarian dystopia.
TPP is another way for the social progressives to destroy American jobs and liberties. This is evil!

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